What We Stand For

We are bankers. We are bank technologists. We are big thinkers. And we created BankLabs with a vision of finding community banks and financial institutions to reimagine the banking products for the future. Products that generate new fee income, attract deposits, create new loan volume and differentiate our financial institution customers from competitors. If you are unhappy with the status quo, like our ideas or have your own but need a partner to actualize them, please contact us!

We Are Bankers

BankLabs was created by bankers, for bankers. Our founding families have started and owned banks, been on the U.S. Federal Reserve System and have participated in ground-breaking technologies including the ATM and original core technology which set the standard for today’s deposit and loan systems. Today, we sit on bank boards; we invest in community banks; we acquire OREO from banks; we invest alongside banks in loan participations and construction projects. We partner to help you scale with technology that has been reimagined for the future. We understand your brand is precious and protect that by testing in our lab environment first. And of course, we never compete with you.  


Community banking is a fundamental building block of America’s economy. We intend to help community financial institutions connect, extend, and expand that model globally.

Growing the Economy

Community banks transact more than 85% of business in the U.S.

Competitive Advantage

Community banking is not about the size of the financial institution, it is about personal delivery.

Build Relationships

Community banks thrive by building personal relationships, having a physical presence and making timely and effective decisions.

Mobile-First Approach

Web-based, real time, mobile-capable tools are absolutely vital to your competitive advantage.

Existential Threats

Out of market banks, non-bank entities and regulatory compliance are threats that traditional technology cannot surmount. BankLabs gives financial institutions the tools to not only compete, but win, in today’s world and in the future.

We Are Sustainable


To make a difference we believe an organization has to be sustainable. What does that mean? To us, it means we are built to last, which includes several important characteristics. 

A Vision

We find like-minded organizations that believe in our mission and opportunities for world-wide community bank expansion.

Clear Mission

We reimagine banking products for the future that create new fee income, attract deposits, generate loan volume and differentiate the financial institution from competitors.

Sound Products

We create products that solve real problems and add real value.

Financial Discipline

We ensure adequate capital is managed carefully. We have boot-strapped, taking no private equity which ensures we are disciplined in how we grow, how we budget and how we execute.


We value distribution partners and robust direct sales capacity to build a network of financial services companies that benefit from many products.


We seek out, develop and reward high-performers. We find people smarter than ourselves. We look for eagles, for superstars and for associates that treat our clients, team members and partners as a family. Above all, we hustle with a positive attitude. The success we have reached up to this point is in large part due to a team that believed in our vision, worked hard and worked smart.

We hope that something you read resonates and that you will reach out.