The Solution

Bank Labs Construct is construction loan software that modernizes the community banks' construction loan management process without disrupting the current environment. It's fast, easy to implement and very easy to learn, making the process more efficient for everyone.  Features include:

  • Provides secure, instant access to loan details, documents, photos, inspection reports and draw history via mobile device or computer.

  • Automates the inspection process, including percent completion, time-stamped site photos and notes, all validated with GPS.

  • Uses standard or custom budget templates;  project specific changes can be made easily.

  • Automatically calculates the correct construction draw amount and mitigates the risk of overfunding projects.

  • Supports different user roles: loan officer, admin, inspector, builder, borrower, examiner, and bank executive.

  • Examiners can access your loan information and reports without being on-site, at the bank.

  • Generates lender and management reports on the bank, branch, banker or builder level.


The Benefits


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  • Reduce loan administration time by 50%
  • Fund draws 1 to 3 days earlier

  • Lower inspection costs




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  • Mitigate overfunding risk
  • Identify potential portfolio risk

  • Validate inspections via GPS mapping


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  • Enhance the borrower and builder experience
  • Mobile access

  • Free-up loan officer time to develop
    more relationships

The Process

Getting started is fast and easy. Most community banks are up and running in one hour. Our startup process is designed to minimize efforts required by loan officers and loan administrators, thereby not disrupting the bank’s daily activities.  Startup process highlights: 

  • Each user will be loaded with permissions custom to their role(s): loan officer, admin, inspector, builder, borrower, examiner, and bank executive.  
  • We can replicate your internal budget templates for different project types so there is no learning curve. Our templates are also fully customizable, so they can fit any residential or commercial project. Some banks use this as an opportunity to build a standardized library of templates for loan officers to use across the bank. 
  • You can start using Construct as new projects come in, or we can help you load existing projects into the system. Each project takes only a few minutes to load.
  • Learning Construct is quick and easy. It is designed to be intuitive with ease of navigation throughout the site. Training typically takes less than an hour and can be done online.
  • Inspectors love the amount of time it saves. 
  • Reporting is automated. As changes are made in Construct, total funding commitments are available via mobile devices to bank executives, your loan committee and other authorized users.