Business Development Associate

Posted 4 months ago

The Job Is…  Contact qualified bank executives to set online demos for our innovative cloud based mobile applications, to be conducted by the BankLabs Outside Sales and Customer Success teams. Contacts are typically Chief Credit Officer, Chief Lending Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, President/CEO and Head of Construction Lending.

Success Is….

  • 5 to 10 demos set per week
  • Appointments are qualified and show up
  • Notes are provided via our Customer Relationship Management tool to help the sales team and demo team be prepared and successful

Characteristics we look for…

  • Potential Superstar
  • 1-5 years out of college
  • High motor
  • Trustworthy
  • Great attitude
  • Willing to ‘take the hill’ – will sacrifice for the team
  • ‘Smart’ (debate skills) and ‘clever’ (does not let a ‘no’ stop them)
  • Not happy with what they are doing and really want a great career
  • Understand they have to come in at the ground to work their way up
  • Equal part financially motivated and hate to lose


  • 2 weeks formal training on the industry, BankLabs brand, the Construct product and the sales process
  • Job shadowing of a top-performer for best practices


  • Modest base – $32,000
  • Per demo set bonus – $50
  • Per contract signed bonus – $250/$500

Year 1 Total Comp Goal – $50,000 or better (disclaimer, this depends on the candidate’s performance and there is no guarantee of any compensation)

What else we offer…

  • Good market, good products and good management
  • Family environment
  • Fast pace
  • Ground floor opportunity – make with it what you will
  • Opportunities to grow into outside sales, product management and customer success
  • Flexibility on personal and vacation time
  • Incentive compensation

Job Type: Full-time

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