Loan Participation Automation

Current loan participation processes are time-consuming and manual, plus they lack transparency and have limited liquidity. Participate is the world’s first mobile, cloud-based participation platform that manages the complete loan lifecycle allowing any user access. It automates the financial institution’s process for new and existing participated loans. Participate includes an optional marketplace add-on to create more trading relationships world-wide.


50% more efficient process

Close more participations

Increase non-interest income

Expand your network


Any Loan or Portfolio

One tool for all participation types including C&I, Construction, Student Loans, Mortgage, Auto, Equipment, Logistics, etc.

100% Electronic

All online and electronic. No more delays, no more paper files, no more e-mail attachments or FedEx/UPS.

Automate Smaller Deals

Cost-effectively participate in small deals that you may have otherwise passed on.

50% Faster

Serve borrowers faster by completing and sharing documents with more participants than ever before. 

Full Lifecycle 

Manage all steps of the participation process from borrower interest, loan packaging, sharing with partners, negotiating, closing, ongoing reporting, data analytics and regulatory support.

Balance Sheet Management

In good times, get help creating or participating in new loans. Manage your balance sheet in any economy. Use as a tool when acquiring banks.


The marketplace connects more financial institutions than ever before.


SOC 2 data centers encrypting documents and user access. Restrict what borrower information can be seen. 

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Our startup process is designed to minimize efforts on the bank. The first step is a 30-minute online demo.

Learning Participate is quick and easy with intuitive navigation. Go-live training takes one hour and can be done remotely.

We even offer a 30-day free trial to prove it is effective to your financial institution and your trading partners. No strings attached.


We invested in Participate because we trust BankLabs’ vision to reimagine loan participations. We are excited at the market expansion this can bring.