Automate the Construction Payment Stream

+Pay automates the construction payment stream for builders, general contractors, banks, title companies or disbursement agents that pay sub-contractors. Builders and subs benefit from the faster process, by eliminating paper with electronic lien waivers and invoices. Builders get automated 1099 reporting and project accounting. Subs love getting paid with Same Day ACH. No more driving around town to pick up and drop off a check. +Pay seamlessly integrates with BankLabs’ Construct product, creating the world’s first cloud-based, vertically integrated construction finance platform.


50% more efficient process

Reduce risk

Subcontractor friendly

Differentiate with mobile access



Electronically manage documents, requests and approvals

Easy Lien Waiver & Invoice Management

Secure, electronic exchange and e-signature of lien waivers and invoices.

Multiple Payment Types

Pay subs electronically via Same Day ACH, with paper checks, or other options.

Connect to Construct

Builders’ line-item budgets and draws
in Construct are integrated to +Pay
payment detail and documents.


Get texts/e-mails when payment requests are submitted, approved or require more work.


Mobile access to submit payment requests, upload documents, e-sign and check status.

Live Support

Phone and e-mail support for all users.

Title Company Support

Automate title company access and reporting for sub-contractor payment and lien waiver detail.

Reporting and 1099 Processing

Automated 1099 and project reporting.

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Get Started

Our startup process is designed to minimize efforts required from builders, subs and paying institutions. The first step is a 30 minute online demo.

Learning +Pay is quick and easy with intuitive navigation. Go-live training takes one hour and can be done remotely.

We even offer a 30-day free trial to prove it is effective for builders, subs and other users. No strings attached.


BankLabs has truly revolutionized the construction payment process. We save so much time from our old process. Our builders are impressed with the mobile access and we help them retain their best sub-contractors. The automated 1099 reporting is also very helpful.

– David VeurinkCountryside Bank in Countryside, Illinois