Reimagining Banking Products for the Future


Create fee income, attract deposits and generate new loan volume.


What would you reimagine?


We reimagine banking products for the future that create new fee income, attract deposits, generate loan volume and differentiate the financial institution from competitors.

BankLabs was created by community bankers, for community bankers.  We design and deliver innovative cloud based products, easily accessed from any PC or mobile device.  These products help financial institutions expand business opportunities. We believe that community banking is not about a size, location or historical definition.  Community banking involves in-market relationships and state-of-the-art mobile technologies to help build your community and economy, wherever that may be in the world.

Time spent maintaining traditional, cumbersome banking processes increases risk, diminishes efficiency, and is a misuse of valuable time that could otherwise be spent developing the personal relationships vital to your community bank.


Construct is an easy-to-use, cloud-based service that automates the construction loan lifecycle.


+Pay seamlessly integrates with Construct to automate the payment stream between builders and sub-contractors, making it faster and easier to process transactions.


Participate automates new or existing loan participations inside a financial institution and is integrated with a world-wide marketplace.


OREO streamlines the Other Real Estate Owned management process and offers marketplace technology to help sell properties fast.

Ready to Reimagine Your Banking Products?

Impress Borrowers, Attract Depositors, and Differentiate From Your Competition.
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